a club ONLINE VERSION 1 (Tosy)


In the work of Kitnick Thurman, ideas of time and timelessness along with place and placelessness collide while questioning notions of production and consumption. In the approximately six-minute long video loop, a club ONLINE VERSION 1 (Tosy), a robotic toy dances across the frame to the Daft Punk song Get Lucky in a single shot while 360 images flash in the background – one per second. Considering the notion of sleep versus non-sleep, the images are mostly nightclub interiors culled from the internet.

The work points to the anywhere/anytime potential of the internet, a place of constant production and extreme consumption.

Framing consumption as a necessary form of production in a capitalist society, and looking at the nightclub as a space where evening transitions to morning, the hypnotizing video loops continuously once started.

The site-specific online work pulls the debris of content production into view and is produced knowing it is destined to become another defunct website.